Square One Homes is a full service Real Estate Investment firm, focused on making an impact within urban infill markets throughout California. Based in Los Angeles, the company looks to capitalize on niche urban market opportunities, targeting new multifamily construction, adaptive re-use, and mixed-use projects.

Square One Homes was born out of a partnership between the D2 Construction and JKJ Investors.  Square One Homes collectively combines over 100 years of development and construction experience.

As a full-service real estate development firm Square One Homes specializes in all aspects of development and construction.  As developers, we have the expert knowledge to perform the analyses required to ensure a successful project or property negotiation.  For decades, the principals of Square One Homes have provided tailored solutions to complex land issues by working closely with banks, partners and cities and owners through feasibility, planning, design, and construction phases of projects.

Square One Homes is dedicated to three key offerings:

  • Entitlement and Development
  • Construction
  • Real Estate Investment Management.

Regardless of the project scale, the firm’s goal is to improve neighborhoods through creative community revitalization and investment, managing projects from the conceptual stage through completion of construction.

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Economic Feasibility

First and foremost, in preparing an Economic Feasibility Analysis, we review plans, technical studies, site location and constraints, local political issues, and other relevant data to measure the viability or practicality of a given project. As part of our whole-analysis approach, we conduct other preliminary research if a critical component is missing.
After careful review of all baseline data available, a Cost-Benefit Analysis is prepared, unless there is a strong negative economic factor determining not to proceed based on initial project review. We have taken a pass on hundreds of projects because they do not pencil out.
Each potential project is unique and requires skilled knowledge of local real estate coupled with consultant and construction costs to prepare an accurate and solid analysis.
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Market Feasibility

The next step is to conduct a Market Feasibility Analysis. This analysis is a study pertaining to real estate research for the defined project market area. The Market Feasibility Study should measure depth and condition of a particular real estate market and its ability to absorb and support a specific development.
Depending on the type of project, data is gathered to determine existing conditions and project need in the area. For example, for a residential apartment project, we would gather information related to rental rates, vacancies, tracking of housing starts, tenant and shopper preferences, as well as other demographic factors in a comparative analysis.
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Project Team Feasibility

Assembling the right team for each project is key for a successful project. We have formed long-term relationships with quality technical firms, consultants, builders, and subcontractors. We know that these firms are an integral part of the team and having the right fit for the project can make or break a project. As part of our overall feasibility review, we will advise the owner/developer or investor on the project team. Communication is an essential to any project. It is very important to have a comprehensive team with members that are not only qualified, but work well together, and take direction from owner/developer or investor. Sometimes it is the project team that identifies potential solutions, either in the planning stages or at construction, to create a viable project with a modified development scenario. That out-of-the-box thinking can potentially save a project.
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Highest and Best Use Analysis

A different spin on an Economic Feasibility Analysis is a Highest and Best Use Analysis. This analysis examines a specific property and evaluates potential development scenarios to determine the Highest and Best Use from an economic standpoint. Land evaluation sites can be vacant land or improved property. The result of the analysis will prove the maximum value for the developed land according to a number of factors outlined in the analysis.
A Highest and Best Use Analysis requires extensive planning research and analysis. Each proposed development scenario must be legally permitted at the site or allowed with an amendment to either zoning or other land use designation approved by the governing agency. Other criteria included in the analysis include; physical possibility, financial feasibility, marketability, and maximum productivity. The basic concept of a Highest and Best Use Analysis is that the value of the property is directly related to the use of that property.
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Land Acquisition & Negotiations

As developers, Square One Homes is in constant contact with the pulse of the southern California real estate market. We are active in the land development aspect of housing, commercial, and office projects. We have the insider-industry knowledge of the current marketplace and through our wide-spread real estate connections we have found many profitable development opportunities. Our diverse, in-house team of specialists have the experience to pin-point viable sites through land planning, economic feasibility analyses, lender or equity partner investor’s requirements, and ultimately land acquisition. We are up-to-date on property values and can assist owners/developers and investors with property negotiations in land acquisition. We have the ability to recognize property bargains and can assist in structuring and/or closing a simple or multi-layered deal. Moreover, Square One Homes can offer valuable advice, based on our own personal experiences, to avoid problematic sites. We do not invest in projects that we do not believe in.
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Planning & Entitlement

As part of the overall development process, Square One Homes completes general planning and entitlement services, including:

Property Due Diligence
Project Alternatives
Land Planning
Permit Processing
Environmental Analysis
Development Applications
Site Plan Review Package
Development Agreements
Project Management
LEED/CAL Green Certification
Agency Liaison


Design is a key element for any successful project. As developers, we are often involved in design-build projects. We provide input to the project’s architectural style and features and strive to find practical and creative solutions in designing visually attractive buildings. Further, our land planning expertise assists us in configuring site layout, access and circulation, environmental setting, and other important factors that contribute to a well-designed project. Just as important is functional and space programming within the buildings to meet the needs of the end user, even on a conceptual level.
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Construction Management/Oversight

Square One Homes knows first-hand that a well-qualified Construction Management team in conjunction with proper management is critical to a successful construction operation. We recognize the absolute need for a tightly-controlled project by establishing guidelines, from day one, for effective management. Accordingly, we provide the following Construction Management Services:

Project Oversight & Administration
Organization & Communication Protocols Between All Parties Involved
Construction Scheduling
Construction Planning
Cost Estimation & Job Cost Reporting
Contract Administration
Quality Control
Job-Site Safety


Square One Homes, and its partners have been involved in the full spectrum of development projects. As shown on our attached project list, we have planned, designed, and built commercial, mixed-use, and various residential projects in southern California.
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